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About Glogou Tourism Channel

Glogou Tourism Channel is a subdivision of Glogou Inc. It serves as a bridge between US small and middle tourism businesses (e.g. travel angencies and luxury goods stores) and Chinese potential tourist. In US, we help US tourism businesses reach out to the most relevant Chinese customers who are interested in travelling to and shopping in US. In China, we provide Chinese tourists with valuable information about US, such as famous sightseeing places, high-quality hotels, well-known shopping stores etc.

Glogou's Unique Advantages
  • Our professionals are originally from China. With in-depth knowledge of China Tourism system, we know how to target the most relevant customers in China.
  • All having lived in U.S. for many years, our professionals know U.S. and U.S. life style very well and can send the right message to Chinese tourists.
  • We are marketing professionals, we know exactly how to advertise your business and reach out to the most relevant audience.