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Glogou Tourism Services

Glogou offers all around solutions for customer’s digital marketing needs

Advertisement campaign on Baidu
  • Baidu is the dominant search engine in China, similar to Google in U.S.
  • With a 78% search market share in China, Baidu reaches more than 500 million internet users every month and provides a powerful way for U.S. tourism businesses to reach Chinese customers who are considering travelling abroad
Baidu campaign related services
  • Key word choosing and optimization, campaign report translation and analysis, account set up and refill, recommendation on campaign strategy etc.
  • Conversion rate improvement, such as translation service and creating customized Chinese landing page etc.
Reach other online media and run advertisement campaign
  • Websites that focus on traveling abroad, especially U.S.
  • Forums that target Chinese tourists who plan to travel abroad
  • Relevant channels of other online portal